Giresun Highlands Photo Trip

1 Nisan 2019 · Hakkı Ceylan

Giresun highlands and plenty of people living in a pleasing, enjoyable or enjoyable region. We will walk in the pine forests the magnificent plains, we will see the lakes and waterfalls, which are very special and still natural. You will meet with local people take their photo and natural life.  We’re going to have great, delicious home cooking.

Azgezmis Giresun Highlands Photography Trip Program

29 June, our guide and vehicle will take us from Giresun Airport. The first day we will visit some places nearby. All day long we will be together with animals and inhabitants in a green plateau. Today we will see the things like in movies, just like a dream. Our dinner and accommodation will be in our pension.

30 June, we will go to a very special plateau. We have a long way. However, a lake in the middle of this plateau and the wooden houses around, we will end our fatigue. During the day we will take photos at this plateau. On the way we will see 3rd longest wall of the world after China Wall. Our guide will tell us the wall story. At the end of the day, we will return to our pension again and enjoy the delicious home cooking.

July 1, we will go to Sis Mountain that is the subject of songs. We will reach the Mountain of Sis by photographing the road landscapes and villages on the road. His fascinating appearance will impress us a lot. We will finish the day and return to our delicious meals.

July 2, today we will go to the plateaus where there are plenty of people and see the houses of the highlanders and many of you will be invited to houses for tea. Today, in these plateaus, we will see many different nature event, sun will come and goes and than mist will come. We will be taken taking photos during this atmosphere. In the evening, we will return to our guesthouse.

July 3, is the last day of today but it will be full. In Giresun we will visit the settlements called Oba. Again we will see lots of wooden houses and people. We will end our very enjoyable trip by moving towards the airport in the evening.

Giresun has people and nature with the beauty you will love beyond your predictions. You will be amazed to see the villages flowing from some fountains to the natural mineral water.

Date of Travel: June 29 – July 3, 2019

Travel Price:  590 usd (Istanbul – Giresun flight tickets are included in this price)

Note: There are not many big hotels in the Black Sea. We will make accommodation in the double rooms as well as rooms for 3 and 4 people are available. We will give one room for couples.

Included in the Price:

  • Guidance service from our Türsab guide
  • Giresun Airport transfers and excursions
  • Accommodation including breakfast and dinner
  • Airline or bus tickets to or from Istanbul

Not Included:

  • Compulsory travel insurance
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses

We are the partner of Türsab Group 4393 Document, Turhande Tourism Travel Company.

Giresun Highland Photos:

Giresun Highlands Photo Trip

Giresun highlands and plenty of people living in a pleasing, enjoyable or enjoyable region. We will…


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